Carriage House Cleaners (formerly Anderson Cleaners)
We are family owned and operated, 100% family like atmosphere!
Formerly Anderson Cleaners in Emmaus Shopping center. We had a bad deal and had to move, decided to change name, and take on new partners....and it really is true, everything happens for a reason! :) New family team, new location, new name....and we are taking off beautifully! THANK YOU to all who followed us, and all of our new customers!!! We are NOT the ordinary dry cleaners! GOOD old fashioned home town service unlike the what you are used today!!! Every customer is treated like family!!! It IS like taking your laundry home to Mom!OWNERS ~Kim, Russ, Lynn, and Don~ Brenda our incredible seem stress !!! And Miss Jilly aka THE BOSS LADY!!! <3
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