Meet Shelly Steiner, Active Volunteer, Future Counselor

Steiner has no hesitation in stepping up to give back to the town that she loves so much.

Name: Michelle Steiner (aka “Shelly”)

Where do you live? Emmaus – for 15 years

Tell us about your family:

"I’m married to Tim for almost 13 years. I have two adult step-children, Derick and Amanda, and my own child, C.J."

"We also have Seon Lee who is our international exchange student from South Korea. And my grandson, Wyatt also lives with us."

What do you do for a living?

"I’m the local representative for NACEL Open Door, which is an international private school program for international exchange students. I find host parents for students for Allentown Central Catholic for the academic year."

"I also work at in the cafeteria. I’ve been there for three years."

Tell us about some of your volunteer activities.

Tell us about your education.

"I’m purusing my master's degree in Counseling and Clinical Psychology. I’m close to finishing and am currently doing my internship at the in Emmaus."

What’s your goal with your educational pursuits?

"I’d like to have my own practice or be incorporated into someone else’s practice. I specialize in substance abuse."

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

"I love doing things with my family. My family is very important to me. In the summer, we swim in the pool, go to Dorney, go on day trips to the beach and all kinds of stuff. In the winter, we build snowmen, shopping, or whatever floats our boat."

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

"I used to. I used to do a lot of crafting. If I had a hot glue gun I could make anything, but unfortunately I don’t have any time to do that. And I love to read but I haven’t had much time to do much of any of that. Once I finish with school I can add things into my life."

What’s your favorite book?

"The Harry Potter Series. I liked that whole series a lot and just get lost in those books. Debbie Macomber books are good too. There’s always a happy ending and it’s always nice."

What do you love about Emmaus?

"I grew up in Center City Allentown. I like that Emmaus is a small town and that it’s safe and a great community to raise children. It’s clean and there are a lot of things to do."

Is there anything interesting about you that others might not know?

"I am kind of a finder of lost souls and lost animals. It seems like for some reason we have an abundance of cats in our neighborhood and sooner or later they end up in my house. I just have a big soft spot for animals."


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