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Introducing NUFF SEDD...

We are our own brand of bone crushing hard driving Rock. We stay away from the fluff and deliver the songs you want to hear.

Nuff Sedd is:

Billy Palleria-Vocals

Eddie Cooley Jr-Guitar/Vocals

Thomas Knight-Drum/Vocals

Steve Briemann-Bass/Vocals

G Grillo-Guitar/Vocals

William Palleria: My earliest recollection of music was when my grandmother would sing me lullaby's and when my mother would listen to AM radio.
She'd sing harmonies along with the radio. I thought that was the coolest thing. I've kept music close to my heart through every facet of my life, good and bad. Screaming into a mic is my outlet..

Eddie Cooley Jr.: I was fortunate enough to have family that was very musically inclined. I grew up with everything from Mozart,  Sinatra, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and beyond. I was seduced by rock at a very young age standing in the living room belting out “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” around 5 yrs old. I have many influences, but have found my place with what Tom and I refer to lovingly as “Dirty Rock”. I am a Les Paul wielding, Slash meets Cantrell meets DeLeo, or something like that. I have had many great bands along the way, with my brothers in NY, to my time here in PA.  I began working with Tom Knight about 6 years ago and knew immediately it would be long term. Met Billy Palleria a few years later at an open mic and really dug his energy. A few years would pass until there was an opportunity to play together. I have known G Grillo for a year or two now.  He is the first guitarist I have played with in a while that understands playing together not at each other, very refreshing.  Steve Briemann is the newbie haha, but gets the groove movin' Fo Shizzle! Gibson Les Paul + Fryette Amp = Brilliance! Just Sayin'! Stay Tuned….

Thomas Knight: It all started with pots and pans, like any other drummer. After banging on those, I decided to join the high school band, which promptly turned into the drum and Bugle corp. I gained playing in public experience traveling to do parades in NY,Philly, Florida and across the pond to England, Whales, to do parades and festivals. I played in various rock bands in high school then got serious with Pieces of Eight. After 6 years, I met Eddie Cooley and formed a long standing relationship and I joined Straight Jacket. In between, I did some various work with Dr. Jeckel and Greg Howe. Currently the drummer for high-energy Nuff Sedd and loving every day I get to exercise my passion! Hit them hard I say, its only fun unless you break something!

Steve Briemann: I was born and taught to walk and talk in parts of Delaware, before settling in these parts of PA. 5th grade saw trumpet lessons, but I REALLY wanted drum lessons. The 'rents would have none of that, so I was forced to play air drums on pillows and chairs in the bedroom. I soon found that tennis rackets were much easier to visualize me being a rock and roller with, and thereafter it has been the bass. High school saw me through all aspects of band geekdom on trumpet, tuba and bass. After was the typical path of starving musicianship. In my early 20's I took a brief 2 decade hiatus to serve my country, have a family, and pay some rent!!! NOW it's time for me! And the best times I have are when I am laying down funky grooves with my bandmates. Actually, I'm hoping this is just the beginning of the story...

G Grillo: Influenced at the very early age listening to mom's Elvis, Tom jones, & Herb Albert and the Tijuana brass records, music was always in me. Various stages of "I wanna play guitar" finally kicked in at 15. Heavily into Page, Hendrix, & Perry, I developed myself into the soulful gutsy blues category. Having toured and recorded with various bands throughout the years, I've had the privilege of working with numerous awesome musicians that helped shape me into what I have become today. I'm grateful for them. My sound consists of Fender and Laney amps, Gibson and Fender guitars. Although I've been known to bust out the Gretsch or Guild hollow bodies from time to time. For me, life is close your eyes and play.

Question 1: What are 3 things that you would tell someone that has never been to a Nuff Sedd show to entice/convince them to come check you guys out?
There are many things we try to take into consideration when we get in front of people and perform. First and foremost, we concentrate on selection and performance of music. We are not going to play the same fluffy safe music everyone else is playing. We also do not believe in cutting corners or striving for mediocrity. We want to look and sound awesome and provide great entertainment. Great energy, ass shakin' rock, easy on the eyes..Nuff Sedd!

Question 2: What are 3 future goals/plans for Nuff Sedd?
We are definitely striving to put together a total package to present to the Lehigh Valley and beyond. We will also be writing original music to go along with our cover repertoire. Open for national act and discovered opening for National act kickin' national acts ass.

You can find out more about Nuff Sedd through the following websites:



Here are a couple videos of Nuff Sedd performing live:

"Are you gonna go my way"/"American Girl"/"I Wanna Be Sedate" medley


"Would" cover (acoustic)


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Tracie L. Lovett February 22, 2013 at 04:58 PM
You most DEFINITELY want to keep your eyes and ears on the watch for this band!!


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