Summer Movies: 10 Olympic Movies

I've never seen any of these movies about the Olympics, but I might give one of them a try when the 2012 games come to an end.

With the 2012 Olympic games in London running in our home pretty much 24/7, I haven't watched any new movies this week. But, in keeping with the Olympic spirit, I give you a list of movies about the Olympics that spans a diversity of sports, movie genres and critical acclaim.

Have you seen any of these Olympic movies? Which one do you think deserves an Olympic gold medal?

According to a report compiled by IGC Entertainment Group at the start of the Beijing Summer Olympics, these are the top 10 Olympic movies of all time.

10. International Velvet

9. Prefontaine

8. The Cutting Edge

7. Blades of Glory

6. Without Limits

5. Personal Best

4. Cool Runnings

3. Munich

2. Chariots of Fire

1. Miracle


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