Glow Water + Imagination = Extreme Fun

Glow water made from highlighters has lots of uses.

You're probably aware of this (!) but school starts one short week from today, so this will be our last Kid Kraft Korner for the summer.

Additionally, Jennifer Marangos, the very fun mom and Emmaus Patch editor who invented Kid Kraft Korner, is having some extreme fun of her own this week on a well-deserved beach vacation. We miss her. 

The good news is that even though the crack research team at Lower Macungie Patch is a grandparent now, she once had bored kids at home during the summer.

Indeed, one of my most amusing memories is of the day my Jessica came in from playing outside and told me "there's nothing to do but sweat." Karma being what it is, she is now a mother and a speech pathologist who longs for the days she had nothing to do but sweat. This makes the research team smile.

But we digress.

We have become very interested in a series of posts on growingajeweledrose.com. The mom who runs the site found that if you pop the end off a UV reactive highlighter ($1 for a package of two at Target) and trickle about two cups of water over it into a bowl or jar, you get "insanely bright" glow water. She gives complete instructions on how to make it.

She also suggests you buy an inexpensive black light (hers was $10 at Wal-mart) for the best effect.

It keeps for weeks, she says, and has myriad uses:

* glow chalk

* glow bath paint

* glow bubbles

* glow goop

Reading through the comments between the glow water mom and her readers, we see it is non-toxic, doesn't irritate skin and doesn't stain.

Hope you had a great summer!

Source: www.growingajeweledrose.com


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