Meet Emmaus' Biggest Fan, Patty Lambert

Perhaps you've seen her at a football game, next to the baseball field, or at the gym for a basketball game. Where ever you see her, Patty is cheering for Emmaus with a bigger smile and more community spirit than most.

Name: Patty Lambert

Where do you live?

Patty, who attended Bethlehem Business College, is originally from Bethlehem, but now lives in Emmaus.

What did you do for a living?

“I worked for the transit center in Allentown doing general office work. Then I worked at Muhlenburg Hospital in the accounting office for 26 years." 

What has inspired you to attend local sporting events so religiously?

“When I was five, my dad started taking me to all of the games in Bethlehem. He took me when I was younger, but as I got older I just went by myself. We didn’t have a car so I walked or took the bus.”

Do you have any pets?

“I have two cats, but I used to have eight. Their names are EP and PC for “Emmaus and Parkland” and “Parkland and Coplay.” I got them from . Black and white baby kittens were thrown in the dumpsters of the in Emmaus. The manager at Pizza Hut was trying to get them homes. I’ve had them 13 years.”

What’s your favorite high school sport to watch?


What do you think about Emmaus updating the baseball field at Emmaus Community Park in order to get the team back home?

“That’s what I’ve been waiting for for years! I can’t always get over to the field in Trexlertown. I’d be really happy if the kids could play ball here again. How many more years is that going to take? I guess I can’t die yet!”

Who are your favorite high school teams?

“Parkland, Emmaus, and Allen. I try to go to as many games as I can at all of the schools.”

What do you like to do for fun? Do you have any hobbies outside of attending high school sporting events?

“I like almost everything (music), but I’m not that crazy about opera. The Aardvarks are my favorite band. They’re a local group that plays in Coplay. I don’t watch a lot of T.V., I usually put the music on for the cats. I do like to watch Channel 2 on Service Electric so I can watch the sports.”

Is there one student who stands out in all the years you’ve attended sporting events?

“Trevor Landis. He went to Emmaus, and I always say he’s my guardian angel. He always helped me when I needed it and now whenever I’m in trouble and it works out in the end, I know my guardian angel helped me out.”


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