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Willow Lane Elementary on Agenda for Monday's School Board Meeting

Superintendent Seidenberger to comment on the issue.

The growing issue of who knew what when will be addressed at the next meeting of the East Penn School Board at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 14 at the district's administration building.

EPSD Community Liaison Nicole Bloise said East Penn Superintendent Thomas Seidenberger will comment on the issue at Monday's meeting.

Though some parents addressed the Lower Macungie Township Commissioners on Jan. 3 and asked that officials look forward instead of back, others are checking minutes of meetings from years ago in an effort to find out how and why Willow Lane has neither school zone signage nor any kind of traffic calming devices to ensure the safety of children walking to school along or crossing Willow or Sauerkraut lanes.

Minutes of one Lower Macungie commissioners' meeting from March 4, 2010 mentions students who will be walking to the new elementary school that fall.

Lower Macungie Township Manager Bruce Fosselman said that was regarding maintenance of the sidewalks around the school. And though the minutes specifically mention students walking to Willow Lane Elementary, Fosselman said that maintenance was for anyone walking on those sidewalks.

Fosselman also said in a recent email that he received Zoning Hearing Board transcripts from the March 2007 Willow Lane School Zoning Hearing Board.

"The purpose of our review was to determine once and for all if the East Penn School District ever stated publicly or if the Board of Supervisors ever mandated that the EPSD would only bus students to the Willow School," he said in the email.

"The only reference to walking can be found on page 19 of the Nov 15, 2007 Conditional Use Hearing when Lower Macungie Township Supervisor Ken DeAngelis ask the following question:

'Proposed to be an elementary school, and most likely you wouldn’t have any walkers?'  

East Penn School District Solicitor Fisher responds with the following:

'I would say most likely at this point.'

That is the only reference about walking in all of the minutes and transcripts for  the Willow Lane Elementary School.

Brandi Blose January 13, 2013 at 08:15 PM
There are HUNDREDS of students who walk to neighborhood schools in East Penn, many of whom walk farther, for longer distances, and along equally busy streets as compared to Willow's students. As a parent of students at one of those schools, I feel that these parents think their children are more important than mine since what is good enough for my children isn't good enough for them. I'm all for finding a safe way for these students to get to school. I am not in favor of wasting my tax dollars to pay unnecessary transportation costs to bus students who can, and should, walk like my own children must do.


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