Stolz Stunned When Motion to Explore Webcasting Passes

East Penn School Board directs Superintendent Thomas Seidenberger to prepare a report about webcasting meetings on the school district website, but the vote is not unanimous.

The East Penn School Board decided on Monday to direct Superintendent Thomas L. Seidenberger to prepare a report about the feasibility of webcasting school board meetings on the school district website.

The decision came on a 6-3 split vote after a motion by Julian Stolz who, at the end of the meeting, was stunned.

"Oh my God, they approved one of my motions," he said.

The webcasting issue has surfaced in the past, with Stolz most recently broaching the topic during the board’s Sept. 24 meeting.

On Monday, Stolz reminded his fellow board members that several of them had spoken out in favor of webcasting during their campaigns for office.

Seidenberger said a report was done by the administration three to four years ago, but it would be necessary to update the information.

The superintendent also said he was willing to do a report without a vote by the board forcing him to do it.

However, Stolz said he preferred to make his motion directing Seidenberger to prepare the report. He also wanted the board to vote on it.

At that point, board Chairman Charles Ballard said he would like board solicitor Marc Fisher to contribute to the report -- to comment on any district liability issues with webcasting.

Board member Alan Earnshaw added that the superintendent’s report also should take into account that sometimes the board changes its meeting place when a larger audience is anticipated. For example, Earnshaw said, sometimes the board has met in the cafeteria.

But even after making those suggestions, Ballard and Earnshaw voted against Stolz’s motion directing Seidenberger to put together a webcasting report. The board vote was 6-3, with Francee Fuller joining Ballard and Earnshaw in voting against the motion.

Rob Hamill October 09, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Also, look at the headline, it has nothing to do with the 3 board members dealing in the dark, it is a semi-slur against the person who brought the motion up. Editorialism in reporting, wonderful.
Bob Guzzardi October 09, 2012 at 06:07 PM
PSEA funded school board members. Isn't that like having fox in hen house? PSEA has driven up costs, including pension costs, without improving quality of education. The Forgotten Taxpayer remains very apprehensive. And there is really no reason not to webcast. very common place Nice job, Julian...Persistence !
optimist October 09, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Speaking of funding Bob aren't you the one that sent all kinds of money to Stolz and friends even though you live far from the E.P. district? Be careful how much you read into what SoaringEagle (when he is running for office) has to say. He spews hateful nonsense on a regular basis.
Ron Beitler October 09, 2012 at 06:37 PM
LMT's however are not live.... it's really a streamable video available a couple days after the meeting happens not a live streaming webcast. I WISH they would webcast the meetings live. Another issue I have with the way LMT streams is you cannot fast forward or rewind you must watch the entire 2-3 hour meeting in sequence. I would suggest that as EPSD explores this the delivery mechanism allows for fast-forwarding and rewinding. Webcast imo means a live stream. Video playback means you can access anytime and playback. These definitions should be clarified as to exactly what service is being sought for the taxpayer. Live webcasting or the ability to click a link and play a video.
Bob Guzzardi October 09, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Julian is reliable and, unlike many of his critics, has actually gotten himself elected and has raised some issues. What would be good is there were those who were willing to do what he does...knock on doors, get elected and do the work rather than tell him what he should do with his time and resources. Julian does what others talk about doing.


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