Poll Result: East Penn Schools Should Open Before Labor Day

Respondents to an online Patch survey say that East Penn schools should open in August 2012.

East Penn students are going to need to trade in their bathing suits for book bags this August, if respondents in an online Patch poll have anything to say about it.

The poll question, published on Jan. 20, asked   

Since then 150 Patch users have participated in the poll, with 95 respondents, or 63 percent, selecting the answer, “Yes.” Thirty-six percent of those who took part in the online poll (55 respondents) chose “No” as their answer.

The poll results are not scientific.

The will vote on the 2012-2013 school calendar at the Feb. 13 board meeting. District spokesperson Nicole Bloise told Patch that the district currently has a

Rose Roberts January 25, 2012 at 01:22 AM
Perhaps this article was written prematurely and should be revised, as the poll is still available and has not yet closed. The results currently stand as follows (8:17 PM, 1/24/11): Yes 109 (45%) No 132 (54%) Total votes: 241 That is in stark contrast to the title of this article...


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