Parkland Looks At Possible Tax Hike for 2012-13

A preliminary budget with a proposed 4.95 percent tax increase will be introduced later this month, though Parkland School District officials expect that number to come down.

The 's 2012-2013  remains in flux, but administrators must present a preliminary ledger to the full school board later this month.

So, at Monday morning's district Personnel and Finance Committee meeting, Director of Business Administration John Vignone painted a picture of austerity as the process begins.

A preliminary budget with a 4.95 percent tax increase will be proposed, according to Superintendent . "However, that will have to come down by June, and it will.

By state mandate, the school district can raise taxes by 1.7 percent and go up to 3.83 percent with exceptions granted by the state.

"Everything in our control is being looked at," Vignone said. However, without Gov. Tom Corbett's state budget in place, Parkland's final 2012-13 will likely remain fluid until June.

More will be known about the budget as the school year wears on as the board gets information on monies garnered by bond refinancings, teacher retirements and other options of savings, Vignone said.

The district raised taxes  for the 2011-2012 school year, eliminated 60 positions, about half through attrition, and cut its behind-the-wheel driver education program to balance the budget. Parkland administrators also took a pay freeze. 

Also, teachers are in the last year of a five-year contract.  negotiations are under way. With the contract nearing its end, officials expect several teachers to retire by the end of the school year.

Parkland's Budget Schedule:

* Jan. 24, adoption of preliminary budget

* Jan. 30, deadline to submit any proposed tax increase to the state Department of Education.

* May 15, adoption of proposed final budget for 2012-2013;

* June 19, adoption of final budget for 2012-2013.


vote em out January 09, 2012 at 06:47 PM
this trend will continue as long as Bartlett is head of the board, never have a teacher be the boss as well
Frediano January 20, 2012 at 05:02 PM
The budget problem in Parkland is massive loss of revenues due to tax assessment appeals won by businesses, coupled with state mandates by the legislature in Harrisburg awarding state employee pension increases, both of which are totally out of the control of the BOE. How is that attributable to anyone on the school board? Do you have any actual specific charges of misconduct by anyone on the board, or instances where any favoritism has been shown to teachers? (Perhaps today's announcement of a 0% pay increase in the tentative contract agreement?) The BOE directorships are unpaid elected positions. By all means, vote them out...and volunteer to take the responsibility without authority that is the BOE these days. "Bartlett" is ending her 3rd term/12 year next year, and I'm sure she'll be glad to hand over her 1/9th share of the load to anyone in Parkland willing to step and and 'reverse this trend' with their ideas. Especially if SB1 passes. Especially if an out of all control process in Harrisburg and DC continues. Parkland's millage is in the high 30s, not low 50's. So, give me a 4% increase on 37 mills any day over a 0% increase on 52 mills. But that low millage rate is due to a historical subsidy from all the businesses and industries that once flooded into the district. That trend is not only over, but that subsidy has been contracting year after year by way of those tax assessment appeals handed to struggling businesses in these economies.
lama January 20, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Problem is low cost housing in upper macungie forcing the school district to build another elementary school.... the tax rate should be scaled that if you have more than 2 kids in school your taxes go up for each child you insert in the school district, no reason senior citizens should be paying school taxes to educate children that they dont know or have any control over, add in the unrealistic salaries of teachers who only work 180 days a year and the whole entire system is a joke Bartlett is the perfect reason for term limits, she has been a teacher union rep and school board chair, seems her agenda was to get on the school board to suppoort her cronies in the union Hopefully Mitt Romney is President in 366 days and crushes teacher unions from sea to shining sea
Frediano January 21, 2012 at 03:29 AM
She has been a teacher union rep? Her cronies in the union? I'm almost certain this would come as a shock to her. This is one of the funniest things I've -ever- read on the in-ter-net. Anywhere. Comments like that are ... insightful. But there is an election every two years. I think you should start now, and vote her out and take over her 1/9th spot on the BOE. I'll sign your petition. Don't miss the primary, and remember to cross register. In fact, vote all the incumbants out. Then, you and similar Einsteins can figure out how to deal with the inter-district transfer consequences(that means costs)of SB1 if and when it passes. Go for it. When you do, and you take over the BOE and get it under control, you can pass a law that outlaws "low cost housing in upper macungie." RIght after you declare war on Myanmar, and annex Sweden. You know, all the things that a BOE does in looneyville, where the BOE actually has such powers. Do you think the BOE sets teacher's pensions? That is (painlessly) voted on by the state legislature in Harrisburg. The BOE has no power to change that item in the budget at all, it is a mandate. Do you think the BOE has anything to do with awarding(or denying for that matter) tax assessment appeals? The BOE has nothing to do with that, either. They only get the responsibility for dealing with the consequences. I'm not buying in the least that you are a lifelong registered Republican. Like Bartlett.


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