Moms Group Slams NRA Response to Sandy Hook Shooting

A group called MomsRising offered sharp criticism of the NRA's push to have armed guards in every school

The following statement was issued Dec. 21 by the group MomsRising:

“Today, Wayne LaPierre blamed everything except guns for the tragic deaths of 20 children and seven adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He even went so far as to suggest arming school personnel to avoid gun violence, and putting armed security in every school in the nation. 

Read the NRA's statement here.

Instead of putting guns in our schools and forcing our children to live in fear every day, we should let them focus on learning -- and demand that our leaders worry about keeping dangerous weapons off the streets, out of schools, and away from our children.

All of Mr. LaPierre’s arguments and finger pointing are merely ways of deflecting the primary source of gun violence in our country. That source is guns. That’s why MomsRising is renewing its call for Congress to pass common sense gun policies. 

Today, the NRA once again abdicated its responsibility for the gun violence that plagues our country by bringing to bear every resource it has to oppose even minimal, low bar, common sense efforts to improve gun safety, like ending the gun show and internet purchasing loopholes, and taking deadly assault weapons and high capacity magazines off the streets.

Putting more guns in schools isn't the answer, as LaPierre so cynically recommends.  We need common sense gun violence prevention laws that include:

  • Universal background checks for all gun purchases, including gun shows and on the Internet.
  • An assault weapon ban, which also limits high capacity magazines.
  • A federal gun trafficking statute with real penalties to stop the illegal sales of guns between state-to-state and international jurisdictions.

Wayne LaPierre asked why we don’t cherish our children more than money. We absolutely do. We cherish our children above all else. We want to know why Mr. LaPierre does not cherish our children more than his guns.
At MomsRising, we have more than a million members, many of whom are also members of the NRA.  We're hearing from people across the political spectrum that it's time for more logical thinking about our gun safety policies.
Today, we got an unequivocal message from the NRA that it is not truly committed to ending gun violence and will do anything it can to continue to support the manufacture and sales of the guns that are killing our children. We send back an unequivocal message that we will not give up until common sense gun laws prevail.”

Mary Anne Looby December 25, 2012 at 10:04 PM
@bill burr, if you really believe what you write you have been drinking the koolaide way too long. Do you really believe that the United States of America needs a free standing militia, or is this just another one of the excuses you gun people put out there.
bill burr December 26, 2012 at 06:20 AM
@Mary Anne Looney Yes I do to protect us from our own Government. With Obama in office yeah I really do. Go back too sticking your head in the sand. Our government can force churches to provide day after pills, birth control and pay for abortions its not that big of a stretch to think we should have a free standing militia aka private armed citizens that in an emergency can form some kind of organized unit to protect their community. Its kind of like neighborhood watch with guns.
bill burr December 26, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Alarms are not cheaper than guns!!! Obviously you like speeking from your ass. Alarms are not fool proof either. It also takes the police an average of 15-20 minutes to show up for a alarm call. Check your facts. Criminals know how to beat alarms. watch 20/20. And if someones sole purpose is to cause you bodily harm now alarm will stop them. If a criminal wants you dead you will be dead unless you have the means to defend yourself. What are you gonna stay awake 24/7 and never leave your house. I have my concealed weapons license I carry my gun everywhere.
Peter December 26, 2012 at 01:08 PM
"primary source of gun violence in our country. That source is guns."...that is the most foolish statement i've heard in this debate.
Peter December 26, 2012 at 01:09 PM
a house around the corner from mine was broken into while the alarm sounded...that event convinced me that alarms are useless.


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