Lincoln Fifth Grade Wax Museum Brings History to Life

Fifth-grade teacher Brandi Blose's WIN students create a Living Wax Museum featuring famous Americans.

A group of Lincoln Elementary School fifth graders were a living, breathing example of project-based learning in action last week.

The 23 students, who are members of fifth-grade teacher Brandi Blose’s WIN class, spent the afternoon of Feb. 16 creating a Living Wax Museum featuring famous Americans for the enjoyment of their fellow Lincoln students.

The acronym WIN stands for “What I Need” and WIN classes are simply a time during which students are grouped with others in their grade for special learning activities based on their particular academic strengths or needs.

Blose’s WIN students spent the last five weeks reading, researching and writing about a famous American of their choice. The results included speeches, trading cards, timelines, costumes and props related to their research subject.

When the Lincoln student body and teachers toured the museum and stopped at a particular exhibit, Blose's student, dressed in costume and “frozen” in a pose typical of his or her subject would come to life and deliver a prepared monologue. Visitors could learn more about important events in that American’s life through a timeline created by the fifth grader, which featured pictures and write-ups about the American.

In addiiton, visitors were encouraged to collect trading cards from their favorite wax museum Americans and even request autographs as souvenirs of the experience.

The famous American on display and the students who portrayed them were as follows:

  • James Whistler: Edna Creelman
  • Milton Hershey: Dalton Daddona
  • Benjamin Franklin: Jonah DeLong
  • Michael Jordan: Allen Doelue
  • Neil Armstrong: “Five” Dubois
  • Michael Collins: Nicholas Galiardo
  • Clara Barton: Kyla Glenville
  • Susan B. Anthony: Caroline Junker
  • Ronald Reagan: Zachary Klucsarits
  • Herb Brooks: Kyle Lawrence
  • Rosa Parks: Maria Lucas
  • Betsy Ross: Lillian Mohr
  • Helen Keller: Kayla Morris
  • Thomas Edison: Willow Munson
  • Steve Jobs: Thomas Murgitroyde
  • Amelia Earhart: Jordan O’Donnell
  • Annie Oakley: Julia Rakowsky
  • Jackie Robinson: Stefan Rollins
  • Lucille Mulhall: Noel Santichen
  • Alexander G. Bell: Graham Ullyott
  • Albert Einstein: Austin Urffer
  • Juliette Gordon Low: Christina Zhang
  • Halle Berry: Daphne Zong


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