Lincoln Elementary Accepts HealthierUS School Challenge

By promoting healthier eating and exercise throughout March, Lincoln Elementary School could be awarded $1,000.

students found a new lunch offering in the school cafeteria yesterday – a make-your-own salad entrée designed to celebrate Lincoln’s decision to accept the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC).

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture website, "the HUSSC is a voluntary initiative established in 2004 to recognize those schools participating in the National School Lunch Program that have created healthier school environments through promotion of nutrition and physical activity."

To meet the HUSSC, the Lincoln community will focus on healthy eating and physical fitness throughout the month of March. If successful, at the end of the month, members of the Lincoln community will be healthier and the school will have an extra $1,000 in its coffers.

Aneita Sutton, a Food Service Director with The Nutrition Group, the company that provides meals to the , said that Lincoln was selected by her team for the challenge because of the students’ willingness to try new things.

One possible use for the $1,000, she said, would be the purchase of a smoothie machine for the school.

Lincoln parents were told of the school’s plans to participate in the HUSSC through a flyer sent home with students last week and via a pre-recorded robo-call message from Lincoln Principal Jacqueline Attinello Wednesday night.

The flyer said that school celebrations in March, including birthdays, will include only healthy, non-sugary goodies. No candy, cookies or cake items will be allowed.

It also offered parents a variety of suggestions for handling school birthday treats, ranging from giving out non-food items like stickers or erasers to classmates to providing healthier edible goodies like yogurt-covered raisins or popcorn.

During March, foods offered for breakfast and lunch in the school cafeteria will contain less sugar and fat. The flyer states that student “snack time” items sent in from home should consist of healthy food choices.

Two additional create-your-own-salad lunches are scheduled for March 15 and March 29.

devinconway March 02, 2012 at 11:04 AM
We still need to feed our family healthy, well-balanced meals while keeping to a set budget. Change is the hardest thing and trying to do everything at once will have most people quitting before they even begin. You can get samples from sites like "Get Official Samples" where you can find all samples
Jennifer Marangos (Editor) March 02, 2012 at 02:22 PM
@devinconway, you are so right. Change is the hardest thing. My son, who goes to Lincoln, LOVED the make-your-own salad yesterday, but packing his lunch today was so hard for me this morning. Definitely going to take a little more planning. Will look into the samples.
Brady March 02, 2012 at 06:00 PM
a smoothie machine? I hope they are kidding. They are trying to be healthy right? What ingredients are going to make up their smoothies? You can have healthy smoothies but you can also make smoothies which have mostly sugar in it.


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