Flu is Under Control in East Penn Schools

District's director of student services reports the number of cases of flu over the past few weeks.

Thomas P. Mirabella, the East Penn School District's director of student services, addressed the board of school directors Monday to report on the number of cases of flu throughout district schools.

"We've been monitoring for the past few weeks," Mirabella said.

There have been 77 cases in elementary schools and 61 in secondary schools for a total of 138 student cases.

That translates to 1.7 percent of the student population, he said.

It is below the national average, and it's also below the number of students with flu at the same time last year, he said.

The EPSD website includes a flyer that includes information about recognizing the signs and symptoms of the flu as well as general flu-care guidelines

The district and its physician, Robert Barnes, continue daily monitoring of the recent flu outbreak and how it is affecting the East Penn School District.

Lisa Merk January 16, 2013 at 11:44 PM
I don't know how these stats can be true....I mean does everyone who gets the flu report it to the school? Plus, some people get the flu and don't go to the doctor and if they got the flu shot may not even realize it is the flu. While these numbers sound good, I don't see how they can be plausible.


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