First Student: Be Prepared to Drive Kids to School Today

Fallen trees and sagging power lines may leave many district homes inaccessible to school buses this morning.

East Penn School District is back in session today, but parents shouldn't be too surprised if they wind up driving their kids to school because the school bus fails to show up at their child's regular bus stop, according to Don Swift, area general manager with First Student, the bus company that provides bus service to East Penn School District.

Regular East Penn bus routes are being used this morning, but many parents questioned how this would be possible, since a number of district streets have been closed since Tuesday morning in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, several district streets were still crossed by large trees precariously suspended from sagging power lines as darkness fell Thursday night.

Swift’s advice to families whose normal bus stops can’t be reached by buses this morning? Take the kids to the nearest accessible street corner or intersection. “Until we can get down the streets, we will try to accommodate everyone’s needs the best we can,” he said.

According to Swift, First Student works in tandem with East Penn School District to make determinations about when to call for emergency bus routes, and First Student drivers had been out all day Thursday driving their routes to get a feel for what they would be in store for Friday morning.

Swift said that parents who have a concern about a particular bus stop or roadway should contact their schools and that parents are really in the best position to make the district and First Student aware of potential problems.

Swift also did not rule out that emergency bus stops and routes could be instituted “on the fly” as the morning progresses. Ultimately, he said, some parents might wind up having to drive their children to school today.

“Our bus drivers will do they best they can to maintain the safety of the children,” Swift said. “We will probably not be able to serve every single student, but we will do the best we can.”

Ny2PA November 02, 2012 at 10:58 AM
don't you think they should have let those parents of the children who live on the blocks that are closed off know what is going on? My road is blocked off and have no mail service incoming/outgoing and nor do I know where to even retreive my mail from! Now my kids have school today and for those who are not aware of the patch or such info wil be like I standing outside waiting.. this is crazy should have just stayed closed it's only one day Friday.. the town and school should really get their info out to the citizens!
MS November 02, 2012 at 11:14 AM
I think the whole decision to send the kids back to school for one day was in the fly and safety again, was not the first thought on the districts mind. You still have families without power and you still have numerous roads closed. Stupid idea
Ny2PA November 02, 2012 at 01:04 PM
we should have the bus company's number and there should be an alternate bus stop for the kids that have roads closed.


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