Emmaus High School Determined Safe After Sweep

East Penn School District officials issue an email statement about Thursday's bomb threat at Emmaus High School at 12:05 p.m. today following a sweep of the school.

East Penn School District issued the following statement about the safety of Emmaus High School at about 12:05 p.m. today via email. East Penn Community Liaison Nicole Bloise released the following information on behalf of the district:

"Approximately 35 individuals representing local law enforcement agencies, including trained canine members, Emmaus Fire Department, East Penn administration and the custodial/maintenance staff took part in the thorough sweep of Emmaus High School this morning.

It has been determined Emmaus High School is safe.

The East Penn School District would like to thank all the local law enforcement agencies involved in the search, Chief Dave Faust of the Emmaus Police Department, and Dr. Tom Mirabella, Director of Student Services, who headed the district’s internal team.  East Penn is committed to working with the Emmaus Police Department to identify and prosecute the individual(s) responsible for this threat.

Activities will resume upon the direction of the high school principal, Dave Piperato, and the Director of Athletics, Dennis Ramella. The boys varsity basketball game against Central Catholic scheduled for this evening at Emmaus High School has been moved to Rockne Hall as part of a boy-girl doubleheader," she said.

Afternoon activities at Emmaus High School were canceled on Thursday due to the bomb threat and the decision was made to close the high school and administrative office in the building as a precautionary measure, so the building could be searched for explosive devices.

The bomb threat at Emmaus High is one of many at schools across the country.

Carl Stevenson December 21, 2012 at 06:29 PM
If they are not lobbying the legislature to abandon the fallacy of "gun free" zones, which are actually target-rich, resistance-free killing zones" which ATTRACT these nuts, they're not working to make the schools ACTUALLY BE safe. Any time, anywhere you prohibit responsible adults from carrying a gun for self-defense you create a soft target, which attracts attacks. Before someone from the left starts attacking me, I am NOT saying that children should bring guns to school. I am saying that trained, armed, adult personnel are the ony way to truly protect our children. It's worked in Israel, where they are surrounded by madmen sworn to kill all Jews and wipe the country off of the face of the planet. Their schools USED to be targets, but since they trained and armed the teachers they haven't had a single mass shooting incident. Do we want to continue pandering to "political correctness," which only produces ineffective "feel-good" policies, or do we TRULY want our children to be safe?
Bill Whitney December 21, 2012 at 07:32 PM
Enough, Carl. Enough. There is no proof to what you assert, only your own fantasies of a super-armed culture. Israel has all sorts of restrictions and steps to take to ensure responsible gun use - it is not true that they have simply armed everyone in every place in the country. And, it need not be said that we are not Israel - states are not warring with one another, etc. The only people who are attempting to "wipe out" Americans are the people who are obsessed with having and using deadly weaponry, such as yourself. I hope for a more peaceful heart for you in this holiday season.
Tina Marie December 22, 2012 at 03:53 AM
I went to emmaus high school a few years ago. Stupid kids think it's smart to call in bomb threats to try to add more days to their vacation time for holidays. I hope the little brat that thought it was funny to do this gets arrested due to the severity of the situation especially follow what just happened at sandy hook elementary school. Maybe when these kids have their own children they will understand how much fear it causes for the parents. If the school was smart they would teach the students about what the dangers of something this serious entail and should think about having a school wide bomb reenactment that only the stage is aware of n strike some fear into these kids so they learn it good and quick. The kids that go to the school now have no common knowledge about how serious things like this are. All they know is a fire drill. Maybe if they though it was really happening the situation would resolve itself and stop happening year after year.
Tina Marie December 22, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Janet Persing December 23, 2012 at 04:57 AM
The school being smart isn't the problem. The parents not being smart is. That's why we had such expensive B.S. going on. Hope they find whoever called in this prank and bill them for everything!


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