Elementary Schools Celebrate 100th Day of School

Did a student in your life make a special 100th day of school project? Share it with us!

With all the snow days, hurricane days, and ice delays, you may not have realized that it's 100th day of school today (give or take), but just about any kindergarten school student in East Penn School District could tell you without hesitation.

In fact, word on the street is that some little people who attend afternoon kindergarten were moved to tears when school dismissed early on Friday, cancelling their school day entirely and their much-anticipated hundred day celebration.

Still other kindergarten celebrations were scheduled on Monday, with Lincoln Elementary School students in Mrs. Behr's class creating a paper chain depicting 100 books they've read, making a 100-item trail mix and conducting a 100th day of school fashion show. Each student was asked to create and model a hat, shirt, necklace or other piece of clothing made with 100 of something attached.

What 100th day of school project did your child create? Tell us about it in the comments below and upload a photo by clicking on the button below the picture that says "upload photos and videos" in green letters.

Remember, it's OK to brag. We're asking!


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