East Penn Updates Severe Weather Bus Routes

Superintendent Thomas Seidenberger announces new routes for neighborhoods that experience regular flooding.

Remember right after Hurricane Sandy when the schools reopened and you didn't know how the school bus was going to navigate the flooded areas to pick up and drop off your child?

Severe weather can happen any time and the East Penn School District not only knows that, but has an emergency transportation procedure in place.

Superintendent Thomas Seidenberger announced at the Jan. 14 school board meeting that the plan has been updated.

"If you live in an area that gets flooded, this is for you," he said.

More roads have been approved for bus travel due to the dedication of more of the roads in new housing developments. Dedication occurs when the developer and the township sign off on new roads. Until that process is complete, school buses may not travel on them, Seidenberger said.

Late last week the district sent out a letter explaining the policy.     

Both the procedure and the letter have been posted on the EPSD website.


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