East Penn Enrollment Still Creeping Up

East Penn Superintendent of Schools Thomas L. Seidenberger reports to the East Penn Board of School Directors that the district has seen a jump of 53 students compared with November 2011.

East Penn Superintendent of Schools Thomas L. Seidenberger told the East Penn Board of School Directors at Monday night’s school board meeting that enrollment numbers in the district are still on the rise.

There has been an increase in enrollment in the district of 53 students overall from this time last year (November 2011), making the total district-wide enrollment 8,075. The biggest increase is being seen at the elementary level, Seidenberger said, while the high school numbers are down by 20 from a year ago.

Seidenberger also touched on increases the district is seeing in its special education classes, including a 16-student jump in the number of autistic students being served. “Sometimes the numbers are going to dictate that we need more classes,” Seidenberger said, since the state mandates student-teacher ratios in the special ed area.

He also told the board that East Penn may need to hire an additional gifted teacher for 2013-2014.

Seidenberger said he that will report to the board how these and other enrollment numbers will impact the 2013-2014 budget at a future school board meeting.

MS November 15, 2012 at 03:12 PM
So, lets see, our student enrollment is on the rise...it's a tiny bit of a concern...and then you have all the development that our BOC wants to allow which will create an even bigger jump in enrollment.......yeah...why are more people not alarmed by this? If you think we have problems NOW, just wait.
Ron Beitler November 15, 2012 at 03:24 PM
By my count in various stages of the development pipeline currently nearly 1000 new homes are on the horizon in LMT. When will leaders be held accountable for LMT's growth addiction and it's affects on the ENTIRE school district? LMT grows and grows and grows (so it can maintain it's 0% property tax) while all the other borough's and township see their school taxes go up up and up. Is that fair?


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