District Calendar Return Sparks Comments on BMI Letters

The possibility of East Penn School District reviving its printed school district calendar next year raises questions about the BMI letters mailed by the district.

Emmaus Patch readers have been talking about the potential return of a printed calendar next year and most seem to be in favor of a hard copy calendar. Some readers suggested other printings and mailings the district could cut to find funds to pay for the printed calendar, including the BMI letters mailed to East Penn families each year. .

Kathi Ramsdell April 27, 2012 at 11:55 AM
I think in order to truly assess the necessity of a printed calendar, we'd need to go one more year without one. The first year of a big change will always be difficult. The second year, people will realize they need to check in on the website so they know what is going on each month/week and then write it down or sync it to their phone. Give it one more year and then utilize the robo-calls to remind parents to check the website and also to alert parents to days off and half days off. See how that goes before we take a giant step back and start printing calendars again.


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