Upper Milford Supervisor Receives First Sewer Bill

Upper Milford Township Supervisor George DeVault reports, at the Board of Supervisor's Sept. 20 meeting, that he received his first sewer bill since hooking his home up to the Vera Cruz Sewer Project.

When it came time for the supervisors to deliver their individual reports at the Upper Milford Township Board of Supervisors' Sept. 20 meeting, George DeVault began with a personal digression of sorts.

"We got our first sewer bill today, and it looks like it's going to be $34 per month," DeVault shared with those assembled. "But, that's my problem and I guess we will just have to work around that."

There are fewer that 30 properties of the original 250-plus homes and commercial properties in the Vera Cruz Sewer project that have yet to connect.


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