Take our Poll: Six Options for the Emmaus Christmas Tree

Emmaus Borough Councilman Mike Waddell presents six ideas about how the borough Christmas tree could be handled in the future to council at Monday night’s meeting.

With Christmas a mere six days away, the Emmaus Borough Christmas tree was again a topic of conversation at Monday night's meeting.

Councilman Mike Waddell, who heads the general administration committee, told council that he met with the borough's Shade Tree Commission to brainstorm options for how to handle the borough Christmas tree in the future.

They have come up with six ideas so far. Waddell stresses that these are merely things to think about to get the conversation going. Council will dig deeper into the issue in the coming year, he says.

  1. Maintain the status quo and go out and hunt for a 25- to 35-foot tree each year.
  2. Seek a smaller tree in the 15- to 20-foot range that might be found on a tree farm in the area.
  3. Grow a tree in the borough. Waddell says that this option probably wouldn’t work since the tree wouldn’t be ready for at least 15 years and the borough’s public works employees are not trained in caring for such trees.
  4. Plant a tree on the Triangle, another option that likely wouldn’t work since the tree well on the Triangle is about 20 feet deep.
  5. Move the borough's Christmas celebration. This could be done by planting a tree somewhere else in the borough, such as by the .
  6. Purchase an artificial tree, which would cost about $8,000 if purchased after the holiday season is over. Installing a live tree on the Triangle costs about $6,000 in man-hours.

Some residents feel that the tree currently installed in is ugly and that the borough needs to come up with a better plan for future trees.

Josephine Sadrovitz of 130 N. 4th Street addressed at its Dec. 5 meeting to offer some suggestions. “I’m here to talk about the controversy about the tree we have up,” she said. “I won’t give my opinion, but a lot of people are disappointed.”

She went on to suggest that the borough get three small trees for the kids to decorate or that the borough plant a new tree in the center of the Triangle. “So many people liked what we had,” she said.

At council’s Nov. 21 meeting Waddell suggested that the The borough didn’t find this year’s tree until a few days before Thanksgiving, which was too close for Waddell’s comfort.

ckennedy December 21, 2011 at 01:17 AM
Perfect trees are boring. I love our tree.
Diane Krier December 21, 2011 at 03:52 AM
Linda December 21, 2011 at 11:49 AM
How wonderful it is that the biggest thing we have to complain of is that our tree is not full enough. We were out of town for the ceremony this year, as my husband was in the hospital, and when we returned on home on Monday evening, what it a beautiful sight it was to see the lighted tree and star. Thank you for this lovely welcome home.
Diane Shutt December 21, 2011 at 08:30 PM
I think this years tree was a disappointment. Sorry. I love the festivities of the borough,look forward to them. I appreciate all the effort put into them. As far as a the future, I think perhaps purchasing a tree w/a root ball that is already a good size and planting it would be a more conservative idea of spending in the long run. Purchasing yearly is a costly factor as prices rise yearly. We would have the pleasure of the same tree year after year and the joy of watching it grow.
Mike Waddell December 24, 2011 at 05:20 PM
Thanks for all of the comments about our efforts to find a long-term solution to the Tree issue. I strongly recommend that residents listen to the report I made Monday night that elaborates a bit more on each of the options. For example, maintaining the status quo will be difficult because there aren’t many great looking 25’-30’ trees close by, the man hour cost is about $6,000 to cut, install and remove, and there is a large safety concern for our public works employees. The cost of an artificial tree will be about $8,000 that I don’t think should be borne by the taxpayers but others may disagree in light of the convenience (lights included!) and safety issues. I will make calls in the next few weeks to local tree growers to see if there are any 15-20 ft. trees available at a reasonable price each year and determine if that is actually a viable solution. Again, thanks for your interest and have a wonderful Christmas Day!


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