Meet Terence Cawley, Emmaus High School Key Club Member

Emmaus High School student Terence Cawley strives to stay active within his school and his community.

Name: Terence Cawley

Where do you live? Emmaus

What activities are you involved with as an Emmaus High School student?

"I am an active member of Key Club and managing editor of sports for the school newspaper, The Stinger. I play violin in the orchestra, and I run varsity cross country and track."

Tell us a little about your current interests in Emmaus community service:

"I enjoy serving my community through Key Club; any event the Key Club runs that allows me to get involved in improving the lives of the people in this area is the kind of community service project I enjoy taking part in."

What is your interest in the Special Entertainment Commission? Why did you get involved?

"My Key Club advisor, Mrs. (Denise) Teles-Carl, received an email asking if any of her Key Club members would be interested in serving as the liaison for the Special Entertainment Commission. I had just finished serving a year-long term as Key Club treasurer, and the Commission sounded like a great way to stay active in the community, so I volunteered for, and was given, the position."

What do you hope to see evolve through the Emmaus Special Entertainment Commission?

"I hope to see increases in quality, quantity, and variety of entertainment options for the residents of Emmaus. Ideally, there should be something for everyone to enjoy, and there should always be at least something going on for people to check out."

Tell us about your musical experience.

"I have been playing violin since 4th grade and guitar since 8th grade. I played in the orchestra from 6th-8th grade and am currently playing in the Emmaus High School orchestra, which I have been a member of since 9th grade.

"I have also played guitar live with several different musical groups, and am currently trying to start a band in which I would be the guitar player."

What are your plans for the next five years? What career do you plan to pursue?

"After graduating high school, I will be attending college. While I am not entirely sure what major I will be pursuing, I have an interest in biology which I would like to further explore, perhaps leading me to a career in medical research and development."

If you were to live in Emmaus for the rest of your life, what vision would you have for you and your family? What things would you like to see? What would you do to improve things?

"I would like to think that the Emmaus my family and I would live in would be a better, much more vibrant place than the Emmaus I live in currently. While Emmaus is already a great place to live, I wouldn't mind seeing a greater variety of entertainment options, especially for younger people like myself.

"Hopefully, my continued community service, especially with the Special Entertainment Commission, would help me to achieve my goal of an improved Emmaus."


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