Medical Marijuana Bill Clears Pa. Senate Committee

Under the terms of the bill, no one could grow, process or distribute medical marijuana without a license.

(Patch file photo)
(Patch file photo)

Legislation legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania cleared a state Senate committee on Friday.

Senate Bill 1182 would allow individuals to apply for cannabis access cards from the state Department of Health. Those seeking cards would have to provide written documentation from licensed medical professionals of an approved medical condition.

The bill was passed Friday by the Senate Law and Justice Committee.

“The individuals who will be helped most by this sort of treatment are some of the state’s most vulnerable residents, including children who suffer from debilitating seizures who have exhausted all other treatment options,” said state Sen. Chuck McIlhinney. “Despite many prejudices surrounding this issue, the use of medical cannabis offers tremendous potential as a safe and effective treatment for many Pennsylvanians suffering from chronic illness.”

McIlhinney, R-10, is chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee.

“We have worked long and hard on this very important measure to help improve the quality of life of Pennsylvanians, and I am overjoyed that the Senate Law and Justice Committee members advanced this bill today,” said state Sen. Mike Folmer, R-48, who introduced the bill.

The bill would create a Board of Medical Cannabis Licensing, which would regulate the growing, processing and distribution of medical marijuana.

Under the terms of the bill, no one could grow, process or distribute medical marijuana without a license.

The bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

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Pamela McCarthy June 28, 2014 at 12:27 PM
For now, people like me will suffer from medical issues that MJ would greatly alleviate (much better and without the side effects of Rx meds), because we worry about the ramifications to jobs, child custody, etc.
Wallst June 28, 2014 at 12:27 PM
This bill should pass in ALL 50 states. I have friends that have been CURED of cancer as it's been widely known since the 70's that THC kills cancer cells. No one should have to die from cancer and big pharma hates people that are educated about this!
Bob Dobbs June 28, 2014 at 02:56 PM
Jennifer Parks you show your clear lack of information/logic on this issue . It's been proven a perfect medicine for numerous ailments/diseases including for children (Dravet's Syndrome for example) Go back and read up . It's not a 'ploy' for anything other than sane legal policies for this miraculous natural medicine.
Monique Brunette June 29, 2014 at 08:18 AM
I'm glad for the comments from people who understand how important medical marijuana if for those of us who suffer with a chronic illness! Those of you who put it down, tell me something, do you have a chronic illness, or a loved one suffering from one? My guess is, most of you don't, and those that do and are still against it, sorry to say but you are so brain washed by the tons of bs we're constantly being fed by nothing more then the profit over health big pharma companies! I have an illness that is attacking all throughout my body, and I can even die from it in the end. I can tell you my experience with some of the crap pills they have prescribed me made me more sick, and had some dangerous side effects that warranted a trip to the emergency room! So yea, when I see your judgmental ignorant complaints I am offended! Many of us out there are not drug abusers looking for the legalization to just get HIGH! They make cannabis as well where you don't even get high, but just gain the benefits of feeling much better, or even in some cases can be cured, depending on the illness. Stop bashing people who are for the legalization, and making the assumption that we're all just low life scum looking to get high legally! You don't know these people personally, or the effects of their illness's in what they have gone through and are still going through!
big mouth June 29, 2014 at 05:24 PM
I love the ignorance of some people here. They condemned and judge without even taking the time or effort to do the slightest bit of research on the subject. If they were suffering from the side effects of chemo, chronic pain, M.S., or glaucoma they would most certainly want effective help from whatever source, either that or whine and feel sorry for themselves. What is wrong about those of us who have legitimate, documented, medical conditions that could be helped by legalizing marijuana? Why prejudge us as a bunch of rabid drug addicts looking for a fast high? Right now we have only a few options, one, take narcotic pain meds, which by the way, are proven to be physically addictive, two take cox 2 inhibitors which have been proven to cause heart attacks, strokes and other serious "side effects", three, take NSAIDS which affect your kidneys and liver and provide minimal relief in most cases, and finally do nothing and suffer debilitating effects of various diseases. Yes, we have one other option, we can illegally buy cannabis and support our local gang bangers and risk jail, loss of our children, loss of our homes, families, and freedom. What real choice do we have? We can fight to legalize cannabis so we can get real relief from pain, nausea, increased ocular pressure, etc. Without side effects or risk of addiction. All things considered, what is the smartest, most health concious decision we can make? It sounds like fighting to get cannabis legalized here in PA the same as it is in numerous other states. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out...


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