Homecoming Bonfire Lights Up the Night

Emmaus High School hosts annual parade, pep rally and bonfire.

On a cold and blustery Thursday night, hundreds of students, parents and residents gathered together to celebrate the annual "Homecoming."

Kicking off the event with a parade comprised of various student clubs including the French, Spanish and Latin clubs, students made a loop around the west end of town before gathering inside the Emmaus High School stadium for an energetic pep rally hosted by .

The Emmaus Dance Team and Emmaus High School Band entertained the guests before introductions were made for the Emmaus High School football team, graduating cheerleaders and, of course, the 2011 Emmaus High School Homecoming Court.

The evening's festivities concluded with a massive bonfire, which was carefully built and managed by the and departments on the baseball field adjacent to the stadium.

The Emmaus Hornets will compete against Allen High School's Canaries during the at Emmaus High School.


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