Emmaus Borough Council: You Can’t Swim Here

Emmaus Borough Council discusses the need for stricter enforcement of the rules in Triangle Park, including regulations against cooling off in the fountain.

There are rules governing what can go on in posted in a kiosk near the park’s drinking fountain.

The problem, it seems, is lots of people are breaking those rules.

At least, that was the general theme running through a brief conversation among the five members of in attendance at Monday night’s council meeting.

The conversation began when Councilman Brent Labenberg said that he thought that the borough might need additional signs in Triangle Park explaining the rules of the park.

The specific rule infraction concerning Labenberg? The fact that he had recently seen four kids in the fountain wearing swimsuits. It would be one thing, he said, if the kids were just dangling their feet in the fountain.

Councilman Mike Waddell, who heads council’s general administration committee, said he doesn’t think additional signs are the answer.

“People come to me about Triangle,” Waddell said. “They talk about skateboarding, the fountain. The rules and regulations are posted. I think it is just a matter of enforcement.”

Council President Lee Ann Gilbert said that she, too, had heard some interesting things about what’s been going on in the Triangle Park fountain.

“I’ve been told there was a female with a raft in the fountain having her picture taken,” Gilbert said. “Maybe we can make some money there, I don’t know.”

Councilmen Nate Brown and Brian Holtzhafer were absent from the July 16 borough council meeting.


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