Departing Public Servants Honored by Politicians, Colleagues, Friends

Police Chief Russell Bono, Deputy Chief Capt. Willie Richet and Municipal Manager Dave Forrest were recognized for their years of service to Norristown.

On Tuesday night, at the last Municipal Council meeting two of the three honorees would officially attend, Norristown Police Chief Russell Bono, Deputy Police Chief Capt. Willie Richet and Municipal Manager Dave Forrest were honored as the three men stepped down from the positions and years of service to Norristown.

Both Chief Bono and Capt. Richet are retiring after decades of service (though Capt. Richet will stay on for a time as interim police chief) and Forrest is moving on to take a position in Upstate New York.

All three were honored with proclamations from the Montgomery County Commissioners (presented by Commissioner Leslie Richards) and from state Rep. Matt Bradford (presented by former Norristown Councilwoman Mila Hayes) praising them for the dedication to and continued effort on behalf of their community.

Forrest was additionally honored with letters from state Sen. Daylin Leach (read by Council President Gary Simpson) and the First Suburbs Project and Building One Pennsylvania (read by Councilman Marlon Millner) highlighting his many accomplishments and commitment to Norristown.

Also attending last night's meeting were several current and former officers of Norristown's police force and several area law enforcement leaders including Conshohocken Police Chief Michael Orler, West Conshohocken Police Chief Michael Sinclair, Haverford Township Police Chief Carmen Pettine, Lower Providence Township Police Chief Francis "Bud" Carroll, Plymouth Township Police Chief Joseph Lawrence, Montgomery County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Alfred Ricci and Judge Frances Lawrence.

All three men being honored Tuesday night step down from their posts on Feb. 28.

gerhard sweetman February 20, 2013 at 02:16 PM
Before they go, STOP home/apartment invasions by code enforcement. Money, power & servaliance dont trump the 4th admendment, epidemics, crimes, extorsion, & Murphys law


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