Budget Season has Arrived in Upper Milford

The Upper Milford Board of Supervisors will hold a workshop meeting focused on the 2013 budget on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. in the Township Building.

Upper Milford Township Manager Dan DeLong gave the Upper Milford Board of Supervisors a preliminary draft of the 2013 township budget at last night’s workshop meeting.

“It’s a first draft," DeLong said. "It can be chewed up, spit out, added to, thrown away and started over.”

Some of that chewing up will occur on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. in the township building during a special workshop meeting approved last night that will be dedicated to the 2013 budget.

Last night, DeLong told the board that he had highlighted certain unusual aspects of the budget for members to consider during the review process. In particular, DeLong explained, he pointed out places where the “revenue side was looking particularly good, due to special situational circumstances.”

The special circumstances to which DeLong referred is accelerated Earned Income Tax (EIT) collection in the township, resulting from the electronic processes used by Upper Milford’s new tax collector.

Supervisor Robert Sentner asked DeLong at what point a copy of the budget is typically shared with the public. DeLong's told Sentner that the draft he distributed last night was meant to "give the board a head start" and that the public would see a copy "after the board is comfortable."

Supervisors Chair Daniel Mohr said: "I guess we all have some homework to do."


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