Timeline of Alburtis Double Homicide Investigation

Arrest affidavit outlines Brandin Lee Kasick's whereabouts as well as the state police probe.

The young man accused of killing an elderly Alburtis woman and her disabled daughter first came to clean their carpets. The last time he saw them, he used a "cutting instrument" to inflict "sharp force trauma" to their necks and stole thousands of dollars, police say in court documents.

In the month before Althea Walbert and her daughter Jeanette were killed, Brandin Lee Kasick allegedly sent a phone text message that read:

"Hell yea jus gta walk rite in tape the 2 bitches mouths get purse n roll out 2 min job." 

The text was dated Feb. 6, 2011, according to an arrest affidavit filed in Lehigh County Court and unsealed Monday, Sept. 26. Kasick also told many people that the women kept a large amount of money at their home that would be easy to obtain, the affidavit said.

Kasick was arrested Sunday in Sarasota, Florida and is awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania, where the Lehigh County district attorney says he will seek the death penalty.

Here is a timeline of events and details of the investigation, according to the affidavit:

* Tuesday, March 8

Althea Walbert and her daughter Jeanette are last seen alive by a neighbor who had visited them at their home.

* Wednesday, March 9

Kasick borrows his girlfriend Chantiel Schanerberger's car, saying he needed to go to a job interview at the Coca-Cola Company. (His unemployment benefits had expired in February, and he worked per diem at an undisclosed job for $40 to $50 a day.)

Kasick gives Schanerberger, with whom he has had an on-again, off-again relationship for 10 years, a gift of jewelry and $300. 

* Friday, March 11

Alburtis and Macungie police and state police are dispatched to the Walberts' home at 122 Cobblestone Court, Alburtis. (Althea Walbert's purse is not found in the home.)

Kasick pays a man named Jesse Yenser $700 to buy a van for him and to register it in Yenser's name. He also pays $800 to the van's owner to complete the sale.

Kasick and his girlfriend split; she tells him not to come back to her home, and he takes most of his belongings.

Kasick drives to Florida in the newly purchased van with a woman named Amanda Miller. She sees Kasick with a large amount of money. (The van later breaks down in South Carolina, and Kasick pays a tow truck driver $500 to finish the drive to Florida.)

* Wednesday, March 16

Schanerberger has contact with Kasick by phone and tells him to make arrangements to get the rest of his belongings. She says that he tells her that he doesn't want the rest of his belongings and to throw them away. She packs the stuff in a plastic garbage bag to throw away later.

* Thursday, March 17

State trooper contacts Kasick by phone, tells him he wants to talk to him because he had worked for the two women. Trooper tells Kasick that he was talking to all contractors who had worked at the Walbert home and describes the women, their home and neighborhood.

Kasick said he was not familiar with the women as he "did work for a lot of people" in the Alburtis area.

Trooper requests in-person interview, but Kasick says he cannot come to the barracks for a few days because he was working in Philadelphia. Later in the phone call he says he had lied about working in Philadelphia and had been in Florida for about a week. 

State police interview Schanerberger, who says Kasick began staying with her at the end of February in a possible reconciliation. She tells them that Kasick had borrowed her car on March 9, saying he had to go to the job interview at Coca-Cola Company. (Police say they checked at three area plants but personnel said Kasick had not applied for any job, or been interviewed).

Schanerberger tells state police about her breakup with Kasick and the subsequent phone conversation about items left behind. Since she had not yet thrown the stuff away, she gives the garbage bag of items to state police.

* Wednesday, June 22

Clothing and sneakers in the garbage bag given to investigators is submitted for analysis to the Pennsylvania State Police Bethlehem Regional Laboratory, and in turn, the Greensburg DNA Laboratory.

Victims' blood samples, obtained during their autopsies, are also submitted. (State police say Jeanette Walbert's blood was found on one of Kasick's sneakers.)

bellarules September 27, 2011 at 12:18 AM
I hope he rots in hell!!!
John johnson January 16, 2013 at 04:59 PM
I think the x Chantiel knew about this. I hope they investigate her more!


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