Police: Sellers Beware Possible Scam

If you are advertising an item for sale, don't be fooled by this classic swindle.

The Emmaus Police Department recently issued the following fraud alert:

“There is a flim-flam that commonly takes place in that if you have an advertised item for sale, the ‘interested party’ will send a check or money order in an amount that exceeds the selling price. You are instructed to cash the check or money order, and then you are requested to send back the difference, ‘less a few dollars for your inconvenience,’ in the form of cash or money order. The check or money order sent to you takes a few days to clear your bank and ends up being fraudulent and any amount you sent to the ‘buyer’ is your loss. Please be aware of these types of scams.”

MS November 05, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Lol. I get this email with every item I put on Craigslist, even my rentals, I laugh every time as I try to figure out just how stupid these people think I am, but, apparently some think this is real.


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