Drunk City Woman Grabbed Cop's Groin, Police Say

Drunk and "out-of-control" woman is accused of assaulting her mother and sister before she turned violent on Bethlehem police officers.


A Bethlehem woman who arrived home in an apparent drunken state and was described as being “out of control” fought with her mother and sister and later assaulted two police officers, court records say.

The records say that the suspect, Raven Veanus, 23, kicked Officer David Bowerman in the chest and grabbed him between his legs. She also allegedly bit Sgt. Scott Felchock on the left bicep.

Before police arrived during the incident Sunday night, Veanus allegedly fought with her mother, causing a large bruise and bite mark on the mother's right arm. The mother told police Veanus “had come home drunk.”

Police also noticed fresh bruising and “a very small bloody scratch” on the neck of Veanus’ sister. The sister, however, would not say what caused her injuries.

Another woman, meanwhile, told police that as she tried to stop Veanus from fighting with her mother and sister, Veanus grabbed the woman’s hair “and pulled some of it out.” Police noticed “minor redness” on the woman’s forehead.

A criminal complaint filed by Bowerman also says:

  • When he responded to the 800 block of Rockland Street around 9:40pm, Bowerman saw through a window that a man was in the kitchen lying atop a woman later identified as Veanus. She was on her back trying to break free.
  • The man released her right arm and she swung at him. Bowerman put a handcuff on her right arm and she began to “thrash about” and ignored all commands to stop. While Bowerman tried to place the handcuffs on her, she kicked him in the chest, then tried to kick him in the face.
  • “It was clear that [Veanus] was trying to kick me and not just trying to get away,” he wrote.
  • With the help of other officers, Bowerman tried to get Veanus into a police car. As he lifted her by her left arm, “she grabbed his groin with her left hand and squeezed.” She released her grip when he tightened his wristlock on her and forced her to the ground.
  • Police eventually had to carry Veanus out of the house and during this trip Felchock was bitten on his left bicep.

Veanus was charged with two counts each of aggravated assault and simple assault and one count of resisting arrest. She was arraigned at 3am Monday by on-duty District Judge Diane Marakovits of Northampton and committed to Northampton County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Armed Citizen January 09, 2013 at 08:47 PM
No, my take-away from the article is that she is a total P.O.S. Her actions are consistent with that of an animal, not a human. I'm sorry about the passing of her father...however, we all have losses. She's an adult, not a child. Most humans don't attack police officers when they lose a loved one. Don't play that card with me...
tracey January 10, 2013 at 02:54 PM
Shes also a daughter and a sister. I am not excusing the behavior at all, it's ridiculous. My point to you is, you creeped onto her Facebook page, looked at her picture, and came on here to insult her looks. while you were creeping, you could have taken a moment to see if there were perhaps things she might have been dealing with. How about if you don't play the "holier than thou" card.
Armed Citizen January 11, 2013 at 01:07 AM
There should have been a picture of her sorry @ss...she attacked a cop! I don't care what happened in her personal life. She's an adult, not a child! Nothing justifies these actions, nothing! So stop enabling her! By the way your defending her, I assume you're a relative or good friend. Rather than defending her actions, try actually being a mom, aunt, friend or whatever you are to her. She needs a swift kick in the @ss and you know it. Her father would be ashamed! Maybe if she would dress and act like a young lady,things will be easier for her in life.
erin February 09, 2013 at 08:00 AM
If all you can say is that she should look like a lady, obviously you only took that into account. What does someones look have to do with anything. Did you not read that she was drunk key part in actions dud you not read how another male was holding her down when police got there. So armed citizen you only know what you read and we,all know that the,WHOLE story is never printed. Also Facebook creeper not only did she just lose her father but also a grandmother all within a month. And its obvious that you must not have a life to creep onto someones page and pass judgement on looks. While what she did was wrong and she is taking responsibility. Seems funny though how you said nothing about the reason the cops got called you were only concerned with her hitting police and her looks. So armed citizen im sure your not a beauty queen to pass judgement on someone elses look. And you do not know her father to open your mouth abd say he would be ashamed, who are you yo speak for the dead!!! Get a life!!!!
Armed Citizen February 09, 2013 at 12:57 PM
"While what she did was wrong and she is taking responsibility." Even though this is an incomplete sentence, it's the only part of your post that makes any sense. The rest is all gibberish. You should have stopped there.


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