Police: Burglar Alarm Scared Away Thief

Zionsville homeowner sees car, evidence of attempted break-in as he gets up to reset security system, police say.

Chalk one up for the home security system.

Despite their purported usefulness, all too often these mechanical devices get a bad rap for crying wolf. Whether they are set off by a careless homeowner, a power outage or sometimes for no apparent reason, the common reaction is to ignore them or simply shut them off as quickly as possible to stop their ear-piercing annoyance.

An Upper Milford Township resident probably had a few choice words for his system as he was awakened at an untimely hour one recent night. But police said the alarm system on this occasion thwarted an intended intruder.

Michael Makoul of 6600 Granville Road was jolted out of bed at 1:30 a.m. July 7. As he went to shut off the alarm, he noticed a 1990s Chevrolet Caprice Classic or a similar model leaving his driveway to the rear of his home, according to .

Further investigation revealed that someone had attempted to open his basement door, setting off the security system, police said. Nothing was reported taken.

Police investigated the incident as an attempted burglary.

Jennifer Marangos July 30, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Thanks for your comment Beth. I will follow up with Emmaus Police about the vehicles on Spruce and report on anything I find out.
Cherie Grandizio July 30, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Why is it necessary to include the home owner name & address in this article? Whether it is in the police report or not and therefore possibly public knowledge, why do YOU feel it is pertinent to this article? Did you receive permission from the homeowner to publicly expose his name & address? I find it to be a second invasion of privacy for you to print this specific information, when a general Zionsville location would have been sufficient for this type of "news" forum. I also agree with previous comment that police news is sketchy, at best. I have not seen any follow up to the James Andrews story - Macungie man charged with child sexual molestation, just the sort of news that should be kept in the public eye to continue to raise awareness of these types of horrific crimes against children. 'nuff said.
ron July 31, 2012 at 03:56 AM
Well cherie. 1 If its in the police report its already public information. 2 Maybe the homeowner asked for his name and address to be included. 3 A good reporter always includes all of the facts. And when i read a story i want all the facts. I want to know if something like this happend on my street or in my neighborhood, to just say Zionsville area is to vague. And there were a few stories on the James Andrews case that included all the facts. there where facts about the crime, view points frome the township plus other imformation. So just what do you think there is to follow up on ? First you complain about a story containing too many facts then you turn around and complain about the police news being sketchy at best , geez make up your mind you cant have it both ways!
Cherie Grandizio July 31, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Oh Ron, not everything is all black or all white. I am not having it both ways, there is a much broader context inferred than what you are deciphering. 1. crimes against children should always be high priority news. 2. Yes, as I stated, the homeowner info was public information by way of the police report, if anyone choose to seek it out. However, you must realize that the homeowner was a victim, and as such does not deserve to be victimized twice by having his name & address publicized. It would be sufficient information for me to know a crime was committed in my general area. If it was your street or neighborhood I'm sure you would learn the specifics soon enough. There are serious potential consequences when too much information of a personal nature is broadcast over the internet. Good reporting must include responsible journalism. I am wondering if you are speaking on behalf of the author of the article, to whom I presented my questions, since I see no response from her. In that case I will return to the Andrews case - follow up would include court appearances & rulings - extremely vital information that directly impacts children of the community. The common theme in both of these instances I have cited is this - protection of the innocent. Whether it be sensitivity to the disclosure of the identity of the victim of a crime, or full coverage of the facts surrounding the arrest & conviction of a child molester. Yes, I can it both ways!
ron July 31, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Cherie news of the Andrews case was high priority from the time of the arrest to the preliminary hearing. And i imagine there will be a follow up during the trial , although he may have pleaded guilty and received his sentence right away i have to reread the story to be sure. I respect your opinion but personally i dont believe including someones name and address if its part of the story victimizes them at all unless it puts them in danger and i dont believe that is the case with this story. As a reader i like to have that information but if i were a reporter and someone asked me to withhold their name and address i probally would do so. Also you were wondering if i was speaking on behalf of the author since you saw no responce from her. I was not, im not sure who you were talking about but the author of this story is Tad Miller, someone i do not know. Cherie thank you for being concerned about your community and the protection of the innocent. PS: Im jelouse just once i wish i could have it both ways!


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