Meet Dave Gatens, Emmaus Auxiliary Police Officer

Gatens might be the new guy in town, but he's got an eye on what's happening.

Where do you live?


What is your occupation?

Auxiliary Police Officer with .

Describe some of your daily responsibilities.

"I serve the community as a public safety figure for various functions throughout the borough during the year. During the summer months it's being a presence in the parks system. During the rest of the year it's staffing the numerous events at the schools and parades."

Tell us why you enjoy your job as an auxiliary police officer.

"Networking and the outdoors. I have the chance to work in an environment I really enjoy and meet new people on a daily basis."

Did you go to college? If so, what is your degree?

"I graduated from DeSales University in 2008. I have a B.S. in Sports/Business Management and a certificate in Criminal Justice."

What additional training did you go through to do what you do now?

Defensive tactics and a mountain bike riders safety course.

Do you have any other jobs? Tell us about them.

"Aside from this position, I am a full-time dispatcher with the City of Allentown Police Department."

What is the most challenging situation you've encountered in your current position?

"Adjusting to the 'small town' atmosphere. It is very reassuring to work in a community where everybody knows everybody."

What are some of your hobbies/interests when you're off the clock?

"I am an avid outdoors man. During the seasons you can find me either hunting or fishing. Aside from those activities, I enjoy mountain biking and shooting skeet and sporting clays."

Tell us one thing about yourself that people might not know.

"I have a twin."


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