KNBT Robber Gets up to 70 Years in Prision

Issah Sampson sentenced by Lehigh County judge to serve 33 to 70 years in state prison for his role in December 2010 robbery at KNBT Bank in Emmaus.

With the latest Emmaus bank heist still under investigation, one convicted robber is sentenced to up to 70 years behind bars.

Isaah Sampson, who took part in a December 2010 robbery at the in downtown Emmaus, was ordered yesterday by Lehigh County Judge Robert L. Steinberg to serve 33 to 70 years in state prison, according to a report on Lehigh Valley Live.

Sampson, of Allentown, and two accomplices, Hishamu Curry and Edward Maye, . Sampson fired shots at police as they attempted to escape in a gun battle and car chase that ripped through the borough.

Including the December 2010 KNBT robbery, there have been a total of in the borough of Emmaus since July 2010. The most recent bank robbery happened on .


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