Fatal Crash: Patch Readers Would Have Helped

Patch readers say they would have stopped to help at last week's fatal crash in front of Lower Macungie Middle School

Patch asked our readers if they were behind last Wednesday's car accident in front of Lower Macungie Middle School that 

An us at least two other drivers did u-turns to get away from the crash scene

41-year-old Brandi Kralik of Emmaus was pronounced dead at the scene after a van collided with her Grand Am.

Patch users posted 22 comments responding to our question of whether they would have stopped to help.

Here are some of the responses:


I was in her situation 9 years ago, but because of a fast-acting bystander, the EMS were able to get me out of the crushed car 45 minutes later before I bled to death in my seat.


As a former lifeguard and regular renewer of my First Aid and CPR certifications, I consider it a civic duty to stop and help, or at least make sure 911 has been called.

Shame on those who saw it and drove away. Everyone is so afraid of getting "involved" in anything they don't have to, but what happened to being a Good Samaritan?

Bicycle Pete:

How could you leave?

Lyle Richardson:

My wife and I were in an accident several months ago hit by a hit and run driver totaled our car and I was in a daze walking in the middle of the road and drivers were driving right by and not stopping.

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