Cashier Charged with Thefts from Walmart, Police Say

Thefts from cash register and food and drink on numerous occasions totaled near $200 at Lower Macungie store, troopers report.

If you follow the police items on Lower Macungie Patch, you know that Walmart is a frequent unintentional contributor.

While there are other area stores where retail theft occurs, Walmart is by far and away the unofficial leader. From air conditioners to Yugioh cards to televisions to cosmetics to more air conditioners (seemed they were a summer favorite), Walmart has been where the action is.

That trend continued late into last year, the only difference was that police say the thief was a cashier, not a customer at the 1091 Mill Creek Road store.

According to state police at Fogelsville, Michael Joseph Donnelly, 44, of Catasauqua on 26 occasions took money totaling $94 from a cash register. He also on 16 occasions took food or drink without paying for it for a total of $93.90.

He was charged with theft for the currency, police said, and retail theft for the products.

The incidents took place between Nov. 15 and Dec. 15, police said. Information about the thefts was released Jan. 5.

Carl W January 13, 2013 at 03:04 PM
Well, maybe if they started a new trend: real paychecks & benefts, this wouldn't have happened !


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