'Burn ban' in effect in Upper Milford Until Further Notice

Upper Milford Township's two fire chiefs call for a ban on open burning effective immediately and until further notice.

Today, a couple of Upper Milford Township Public Works employees are being called in to work on their day off, thanks to Upper Milford Supervisor .

DeVault raised a question during his Supervisor’s report at last night’s Upper Milford Township Board of Supervisors meeting that set the wheels in motion for calling the men in today: What’s the process for instituting a “burn ban” in the township?

DeVault, who also serves as the assistant fire chief for , had been on a telephone call earlier Thursday with the fire chiefs of Citizen's and .

According to DeVault, during that call the chiefs said that “based on present weather conditions and the forecast over the weekend” they believed a ban on “open burning” in Upper Milford should be instituted.

Township manager Dan DeLong told DeVault that the way the township ordinance is written the decision to institute a burn ban is at the discretion of the fire chiefs.

“The problem with the ordinance,” DeLong said, “is that it’s up to the fire chiefs to make the call on the ban, but it’s township employees who will have to work overtime to post the signs.”

DeLong sent the following statement to Emmaus Patch via email Thursday night:

“By mutual consent of the Fire Chief's of Upper Milford Township and by authority of Township Ordinance No. 97 as amended by Ordinance No. 107 the Fire Chief's declare that effective Thursday, April 5th, 2012, until further notice, there shall be no open burning allowed within the municipal limits of Upper Milford Township. Open burning is defined as a fire, not directed through a flue, which emits air contaminants directly into the outdoor atmosphere.”

Mark Jamison April 06, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Fear not citizens of Upper Milford ! If you're too cheap to pay for pick up you can always bring your trash to Limeport and throw it on one of the many garbage fires we maintain. "Compostables" can be burned any time cause we all know composting is for tree huggers but the basic schedule is as follows: plastics Monday, old tire Tuesday (don't forget the marshmallows), furniture Friday etc. etc. And if your burn barrel is full there's a hedgerow on the SE edge of town where you can dump it when it cools down. And don't forget our Anti Earth Day Burn and 10k Race the third Saturday in April. You bring it , we'll burn it! Music by the Down Wind Singers, face smudging for the kids, old motor oil wrestling, and new this year "guess why this pick up truck don't run no more and win a prize". All proceeds to benefit the American Lung Association. Disclaimer: anyone on oxygen is asked to please remain in their car for their own safety and the safety of our children. "Limeport.....if you're done with it...burn it"
Lenny April 08, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Wow, you mean I am not the only one who is tired of all the burning in Limeport? When we had those 2 nice weeks of warm weather, there was a bonfire going on somewhere during 11 out of those 14 days (2 of the 3 remaining days were rainy, which meant there was only ONE day out of all of those that you did not have to smell smoke and enjoy being outside. Hope you never plan on having your windows open on a nice day! When you drive down Limeport Pike, almost every house has a big pile of brush sitting in the back, so you know there are plenty of fires yet to come. The fire ordinance in Lower Milford forbids burning anywhere within 50 feet of a building, structure or wooded area, which according to what I have figured accounts for about 85% of the area of Limeport (Take a look at an aerial shot of the village on Google to see what I mean). So much for following that rule. Same goes for not burning on Sundays or after dark. I have written to the Township several times since 2003 and brought the issue up twice during supervisors meetings, but to no avail. If you want to take your stuff to a yard waste dropoff site, you are told to drive your stuff up to Schnecksville! Why can't we have a dropoff site at the twp building for more than just leaves?


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