Alleged Death Threat in Palmer PFA Violation

Alleged YouTube posting in protection-from-abuse order by Palmer man says: "Kill her."

A Palmer Township man has been charged with violating his ex-wife’s protection-from-abuse order against him because he allegedly violated rules on when he can attend his children’s sporting events.

But the file of John R. Patton also contains allegations by his ex-wife, Pamela M. Patton, about derogatory YouTube postings, including one that says in part, “kill her.”

Patton, who turned 53 on Sunday, was arraigned Friday night by on-duty District Judge Robert Hawke of Lehigh Township on a charge of indirect criminal contempt and released on $10,000 unsecured bail. His address is listed as the 1400 block of Mine Lane Road.

The alleged PFA violation states that Patton attended his son’s basketball practice inside a school gymnasium Thursday night. His ex-wife says that under the PFA order, he is only allowed to attend his children’s games, not their practices.

Patton’s file also contains a description of YouTube postings that she says are a violation of the final PFA order.

The allegations are attached to the date Oct. 5. She said she found a YouTube channel her ex-husband set up. She said that six years ago he was told to remove any videos of their children on any public domain.

She said in the allegations that there was a posting stating, “the nut took me to court again.” It was not clear from the file whether that posting was allegedly made by John Patton.

Pamela Patton also said there were comments from other people stating, “kill her, follow her around with a video camera, break into the bitch’s house and plant drugs and have her arrested for selling drugs.”

She said the postings put her children in jeopardy “with their pictures being on this site.”

John Patton’s file says that Pamela Patton has two children and that John is her ex-husband and the father of the children. It also says John Patton owns a handgun and rifle.

Rasterone December 17, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Are basketball practices open or closed events to the general public?
PrincessDeuce December 19, 2012 at 04:12 PM
I hope this woman and her children can remain safe. This world is a mess.


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