3 Teens Charged with Tossing Apples from Car

Juveniles will face disorderly conduct charges for apparent joyride in Lower Macungie Township, police say.

Three Macungie-area teens recently were charged by police for making applesauce.

Of course, there is no such criminal charge, but that was the essence of their actions as they tossed apples at objects from a moving motor vehicle in Lower Macungie Township Nov. 9, according to state police at Fogelsville.

Officially, the charge was disorderly conduct, according to the report. 

The three juveniles, ages 15-17, drove through the area of Tuscany Drive about 8 p.m., police said. They threw apples from the windows of the vehicle at unspecified objects.

Police did not say whether anything was struck or how much damage was done.

Charges are pending in district court before District Judge Michael Faulkner of Upper Macungie Township.


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