What to do on Valentine's Day if You Are Single?

Here are suggestions from Patch friends on Facebook on what to do if you are alone on Valentine's Day.

Here are some responses to our question from some Facebook friends: What to do on Valentine's Day if you are Single?

    •    “... pull covers over head and sleep it off like bad hangover. … Oh wait, I forgot the Pretty Woman marathon or Jerry Maquire or perhaps Bridget Jones’s Diary ... now that is what pathetic looks like.” ~ Lynn

    •    “Nothing on TV?” ~ Sissel

    •    “Regardless, male or female ... schedule a spa day ... buy yourself a new piece of clothing  ... join a work-out group ... give love to self.” ~ Susan

    •    “Follow couples around and swear at them, and warn them that it will all come to nothing … or point them to here: http://new.brokenships.com/en/visit” ~ Nick

    •    “Drink at home and run through your fave shows on the DVR.” ~ Alen

    •    “You can never be alone when you're a crazy cat lady.” ~ David

    •    “Yoga. Practice some heart openers and learn to love yourself first.” ~ Teri

    •    “Duvet therapy. It's the only way. That or drink yourself in to oblivion until it's all over for another year ... except (Valentine) promotions in the shops seem to start as soon as Christmas has finished, so that's a bit of a long time to be in bed or in a heap on the floor!” ~ Melissa

    •    “If I weren't teaching that night, it would probably be a TV night with the cat. But the real thing to do is wait until the 15th and then hit the stores for all the discounted chocolate sales!

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