What’s a Good Age For Ear Piercing?

Are babies with earrings just another way in which kids today are growing up too fast?

Moms Talk is a Patch forum in which we ask members of Patch communities across the Lehigh Valley to weigh in on an issue that affects parents, children of all ages, and, quite frankly, people in general. You don’t have to be a Mom, or even a parent, to have an opinion on our Moms Talk topic of the week. And, we, in fact, encourage people of all genders, ages and life situations to share their thoughts on our weekly Moms Talk question in the comments section below so that our “discussion” can become as broad and, hopefully, as useful as possible.

In this week’s Moms Talk, we’re exploring the right age for ear piercing:

Some say getting baby girls’ ears pierced when they are a few weeks old is the right move because they don’t feel the pain at such a young age. Others think that the child should be old enough to make the decision regarding the pain herself and care for the newfound holes in her ears (not to mention her newfound jewelry).

Now we want to know your thoughts:

Is there a right age for ear piercing? What do you think when you see an infant with pierced ears?

And, remember, you don’t have to be a parent to have an opinion.

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linen23 February 27, 2013 at 03:25 AM
Comes to mind when I hear this asked; it wasn't too long ago where a woman was convicted of cruelty to animals piercing her black kitten's ears and selling them as "Gothic". However, it's nothing to see infants with pierced ears. Food for thought. I suppose a good age would be when the child is of consenting age. Just brings about another question of what age is age of consent? I, for one, do not agree with infants having their ears pierced.


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