Tell Us: Does Saucon Valley Have Enough 'Fun' Stuff to Do?

Years ago, there were many more entertainment options for people in the Hellertown area.

The Hellertown area used to have many more entertainment options--among them , a roller-skating rink (where the is located today), a bowling alley (where is located today) and an eatery known as Guro's.

Guro's was located at the corner of Main Street and Thomas Avenue--where is located today--and was a popular after-school meeting place for young people in the 1950s.

Sixty years ago, residents also had the ability to travel outside the borough via train and trolley car.

The Hellertown trolley line ran north-south along Main Street, and riders changed cars near the current location of the I-78 interchange in order to reach Bethlehem and beyond.

According to a photo recently displayed by the , the streetcar line ended service in 1952, and since that time many .

Today, , for both young and old, are largely limited to and the (in season).

So tell us: Do you think more recreational venues are needed, especially for those who are unable to drive outside town? Is LANTA bus service sufficient to meet the public transportation needs of local residents? What businesses or amenities would make life in the Saucon Valley more fun?

Josh Popichak July 01, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Thanks for all the thoughtful input, everyone! This is valuable and hopefully our local officials will see it and take notice. I personally agree that there need to be more entertainment options in town--especially for those who are in the 13-21 age range. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that boredom can lead to mischief. And if the youth are the future of the community, then this is an issue that should be of concern to everyone.
Lower Saucon Guy July 01, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Hellertown has NEVER been a place for kids to have fun. I've been her 63 years and can remember this same complaint when i was a kid in the park. Like Patricia, I remember the events they had at third avenue court, along with pool parties and live bands to entertain. We were allowed to be in the park after dark until the massive streaks of vandalism brought a curfew to that. The vandalism started after constant harassment from the police. The park was a nice place to hang out with friends, shoot the breeze, listen to music etc, but that soon came to an end. I'm not blaming the police, sometimes they had a legitimate gripe, but there were no alternatives for us back then and there aren't any now either. It seems to me that the skate park across from the casino is popular. Maybe Hellertown should consider building something like that for the kids. Maybe keeping the park open after dusk and having some free concerts would be good. At least let the guy fish with his lantern after dark. That's when the best fishing occurs. Well, I hope someone comes up with something for them to do. You can only play so many sports.
phylliss ward July 01, 2012 at 03:34 PM
I agree, there is nothing for the 12-18 crowd to do here. Not everyone can go to the Promenade or Dorney Park, there should be some type of place for the kids to be social. I can understand the closing of the parks at dusk, as it is too dark to be safe without lights. The Movie theater would be an ideal location for the youth if it were to be either renovated or rebuilt to be safe. Unfortunately, no one has the money for our children these days to have a safe place to be.
Lani July 02, 2012 at 05:01 AM
There is definitely not enough to do in Hellertown, for people of all ages! I can really only think of four things you can do year round in Hellertown. Eat out, go to the library, go for a walk, or go to a park. During the summer the pool is open, obviously. Except for bars there are really no places to hang out after 9 PM. And for someone who doesn't drink, it makes for incredibly boring nights, unless I feel like driving elsewhere. I remember when I was in high school, my friends and I all hung out at the Cafe on Main. Sadly, the landlord kicked them out to move Rocco's there (if memory serves me correctly). Which, to this day I'm still upset about. The cafe was open super late on the weekends, I believe midnight or 1 am. It was a place where teens could go and hang out late, without being harassed by the police. The shop was inviting and the food was good and the drinks were out of this world. No matter what time I went I always saw a handful of other people my age. It was incredibly laid back, cluttered with neat nicknacks with the most adorable owners that made it so welcoming (unlike other cafes I've been to that feel stuffy and not really teen friendly). This town needs something like that again! Someplace that is everyone friendly (teens and adults alike) and is open late, where you can just hang out for 2 hours if you'd like!
Heidi July 04, 2012 at 02:00 AM
I would like to thank people for helping me realize how creative and imaginative I was as a youth, or that I was just financially not as well off as others. I did not grow up in Hellertown so I cannot join in the reminiscing of the joys of yesteryears. I grew up in Bethlehem and my activities were limited by my imagination and my own ability to get to places. Both my parents had to work and money was always tight. I spent my free time reading, playing tag, horse, tennis, and hand ball. Occasionally, we went to the public pool, movies or the mall. We spent time together at each other's houses playing games or watching old movies. This was a different time, but not that long ago as I am currently 32. I read the complaints about the cops patrolling the parks and question people there towards dusk, and the inability to go fishing after dusk. Times have changed. I see the police blotters reporting about the drinking and drugging going on in our community. I have heard friends reporting they have seen drug paraphernalia in the same parks our children play. Having more things to do for members of the community isn't necessarily the answer. The real question is what activities will the population be willing to participate in and where will the funding come from to supply activities for the different age groups. I encourage all people to become creative, imaginative, and look outside the box for fun things to do. There are things to do, if you use your imagination.


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