Simmons: Kevin Deely's Policies Will Put People Out of Work

In an op-ed, Rep. Justin Simmons (R-131) claims opponent Kevin Deely has an 'out-of-touch' philosophy

The recent Harrisburg Patriot News report that Yuengling Brewery is contemplating expanding its operation out of state should be troubling news to everyone concerned about Pennsylvania's job growth.

In the story, President Dick Yuengling Jr. stated that, “Pennsylvania is a great location. But it’s not very business-friendly. You look for fair tax breaks, fair taxation. And the bottom line is more jobs. That’s what it’s all about.”

Mr. Yeungling's concerns are real. This spring, with my support, the House of Representatives passed HB2150. This legislation reduces Pennsylvania's highest in the nation Corporate Net Income Tax from 9.99% to a national average rate of 6.9%. The bill also moves Pennsylvania’s tax apportionment system to a single-sales factor and closes the Delaware Loophole to ensure that all companies are paying their taxes.

This legislation passed the House by a vote of 129-58, with overwhelming bipartisan support, and currently sits in the Senate. It is an example of how, after eight years of the tax-and-spend policies of Governor Rendell, we are moving in the right direction. Unfortunately my opponent, Kevin Deely, in a recent PBS debate said high taxes on business are 20th on his list of concerns and the state just needs to spend more.  This dangerous, out of touch philosophy, would take us back to the days of increased spending and debt that drove a $4 billion budget deficit.

Rather than play political games, I believe we must focus on the cause of our problems, which is our high cost of doing business. That's why I worked in a bipartisan manner to lower the CNI to the national average, move to a single-sales factor, and close the Delaware Loophole. 

Jeremy November 05, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Optimist, Ever hear of a closing argument? Please read the Yuengling article. You can see it by clicking on the blue Harrisburg Patriot News in the first sentence or here will make it easier for you. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2012/10/yuengling_new_brewery.html Yes, Yuengling is expanding because they have an in-demand product. However, they will be expanding in another state because of high taxes and a poor business climate in PA. Since you didn't take the time to read the whole article but commented anyway it looks like you are the one who looks foolish.
Nick Wagner November 05, 2012 at 03:45 PM
The first line of the article is a bit confusing but the Yuengling quote is crystal clear. The choice on election day is also clear. If you want to be represented by teachers union bosses vote Deely. If not, vote Simmons.
Rich Cranium November 05, 2012 at 03:49 PM
You clearly did not even read the article. If you did you would have noticed that Mr. Sentner was taking a line directly from the article. This type of thing is usually done to address specific issues brought up in the article.
Assaulted by Beyer November 05, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Tom "Karen Beyer" Williams - You never understood the district you USED to represent. That's why you were the only incumbent to lose a primary in 2010. Even indicted politicians won their respective primaries! You are an angry person that needs serious help. Everyone knows you are a corrupt piece of garbage that assaulted your employees and didn't stand for anything, not to mention your wedding ring always came off when in Harrisburg. You're a class act Karen.
John Reynard November 12, 2012 at 01:23 PM
The CNI does need to be lowered. The Delaware loophole also needs to be closed. However, the Republican platform in PA is still picking winners and losers (gas and oil companies win, banks win, all other businesses and citizens pay higher taxes to make up the difference) so they have little room to talk about being job killers until they put an even tax system in place. If Mr. Deely is elected in the recount I'll make sure he understands why the CNI being lowered from 9.99% helps all Pennsylvanians and not just business owners. Maybe I need to educate state senators too since they haven't passed the bill either.


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