Meet Kathy Mintzer, Emmaus Youth Association President

This life-long Emmaus resident and dedicated volunteer has been involved with everything from softball to flashy parades.

Name: Kathy Mintzer

Town in which you live: Born and raised in Emmaus

Occupation: Custodian at Catholic School

Tell about the various hats you wear in the Emmaus community:

Vice-President of Parks and Recreation Commission, President of , member of Property Committee, President of East Penn Girls Softball League

Tell us about your involvement with EYA:

"I have been involved in EYA for 10 years. I was first a coordinator for the A-League teams, moving on to coordinating all softball. I have been the President for nearly three years. I gave up the softball coordinator position two years ago. Through EYA I volunteer to coordinate and work the concession stand at in the months of June and July.

How long have you been involved with the Emmaus Halloween Parade committee?

"I have been the Chairperson for 15 years. This is my 15th parade. I was nominated for the position, and when they said all in favor...all I heard were 'AYES!' and all I thought was, 'Aye, aye aye ... what did I get into?' But, after all these years, I would not trade it for anything."

What are your greatest challenges in running the Halloween parade?

"Other than finding an empty date in my calendar, I think the answer is the same for any group, organization, church, school etc. -- not enough volunteers."

What do you love most about living in Emmaus?

"It is not living in Emmaus. It is the Spirit of Emmaus. We true Emmaus-ites will continue to support our downtown merchants, even though it would be cheaper somewhere else. We will always fight for what we think is right and respect the opposing opinion. We will defend our little town with what we think is righteous. We want the 'Mayberry' feeling when we walk through town. We want to say hello to strangers. We want to help that little old lady cross the street. Simply put, we want to be the human beings that God created in His likeness!"

On Fridays the Emmaus Patch will help you to get to know another of the many people who make our hometown such a wonderful place to live. If you would like to recommend someone for us to highlight in the future, please tell us in the comment box or email jennifer.marangos@patch.com.


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