Five Out-of-the-Box Ways to Save on Gas

These tips will save gas and improve health without much change in your routine.

Gas prices are still at an all-time high. Despite rising fuel expenses, many people still consider driving a necessity rather than a convenience.  

It’s often understood that speeding leads to poor gas mileage. But there are more creative ways to drive and save.

Here are a few gas-conserving suggestions that will cut your costs on fuel:

  • Don’t do the drive-thru. Rather than sit in a line of idling vehicles as you wait for your fast food or deposit your latest paycheck, park the car and walk in. Instead of burning fuel, you’ll be burning calories! This isn’t always convenient, but is a healthier option all around. Do it when you can!
  • Stick to the streamlined design. If you have bike racks, luggage bubbles, or other additions on the exterior of your vehicle, you’re defeating the well-engineered aerodynamics meant to help your overall gas mileage. Use them as necessary, but remove them as soon as you’re finished.
  • Pay attention to traffic reports. If you commute on a daily basis, always stay tuned to local traffic reports. Avoid traveling in highly congested areas even if it means a few extra miles. Idling in traffic leads to excessive gas consumption.
  • Take a walk. Again, walking a few extra steps is GOOD for you! It’s human nature to want to park as close to a store entrance as possible. However, you’ll waste fuel and time by driving in circles in search of that “rock star” parking spot. Park at the end of the lot, save gas, and get your heart pumping.
  • Carpool. Seriously. By riding with someone who works near your place of employment, you could save 10-20 percent on your annual gas consumption. RideSearch.com is a free resource allowing drivers to connect with one another in an effort to encourage carpooling.

Each of these tips takes some effort and may not be convenient, but in an economy where pennies on the gallon can break a monthly budget, every little effort matters.

Dps Suresh August 23, 2011 at 06:37 AM
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