An Emmaus High Student's View of the Freddys

Patch contributor and Emmaus High School junior Chrissy Cilento reflects on the Freddy Awards.

Editor's Note: Periodic Patch contributor Chrissy Cilento takes off her news writer's hat to offer her personal thoughts on what it is like to "go to the Freddys."

Special to Emmaus Patch By Chrissy Cilento, Emmaus High School Junior

With the having come and gone, I can officially say that the high school musical theater “season” is over. On Thursday night, hundreds of performers, stage hands, directors, and parents crowded into the State Theatre in Easton to see in 22 different categories.

I, along with everyone else involved in was present at the awards, but we didn’t come with the goal of sweeping the table. This year instead of yearning to hear the words “And the Freddy goes to...EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL!!!” and being disappointed if things didn’t end up ideally for us, we learned to accept the fact that with dozens of schools competing, we won’t win every Freddy there

What exactly was it that made us come to this realization? For the past two years, we’ve put our hearts and souls into producing Sweeney Todd and , and arrived at the Freddy’s fully expecting (maybe a little bit too selfishly) all our hard work to be rewarded with several wins. When we came home both years having tied for just one Freddy after months and months of labor and rehearsing — I won’t lie — we were really disappointed.  

I suppose that this year we didn’t focus so much on wanting to win the awards, but just embraced the true purpose of the Freddy’s — to have fun and support our fellow thespians from other schools. After all, just because not everyone returns with pockets overflowing with Freddy’s doesn’t mean their shows weren’t good — the whole point of the Freddy’s is to show just how amazing all these high school shows are! 

For me, this accepting attitude towards the Freddy’s actually made Thursday night even more fun. Since we weren’t preoccupied with worrying and praying that we’d win awards, we used our energy to make our own chants, do the wave and, of course, yell as loudly as our vocal cords would allow. By the end of the night, our throats were sore from all the screaming we did for our cast mates from Emmaus who won awards, as well as the cast and crew of other victorious shows.  

Hopefully in the years to come we’ll maintain our positive outlook towards the Freddy’s and continue to enjoy the way it joins us together with students from all sorts of theater backgrounds. One thing’s for sure: there’s nothing that brings a whole bunch of drama students closer than setting up a whole bunch of cameras around them and telling them to cheer. Believe me — they will deliver.

Chrissy Cilento, a junior at , plans to study journalism in college. She is a periodic contributor to Patch.


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