CrossFit 8541

We are getting close to opening up. I will be back just after mid December, and look to open up 23 December. I know this is right before Christmas, but it will give those that already know they want to join us a chance to get in a work out or two prior to hammering down those Christmas cookies and eggnog! 
This will not be a Grand Opening, we will just be opening up and looking for some founding members. The Grand Opening Party will be sometime in Jan. There will be a Free Class every Sat for those wanting to see what it's like before jumping right in. There will be a sign up for those sessions as we only have so much space.
There will be a Fundamentals Series of Classes that every new member will need to complete prior to starting the normal group classes. This is so you can learn the fundamental CF movements along with a few others, and ease into the intensity of the conditioning efforts. If you say you are already a CrossFitter and know what you're doing, you need to be able to prove it! This series is for you to learn proper functional movement and to ensure you get the most out of your training without getting injured. You will thank me for it later, I promise!
AGAIN, EVERYTHING is scalable to your current level of fitness, our goal is not to kill you, it is to make you stronger, healthier, and more durable!
More to follow, we are very exciting to get rolling!!


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