Google Brings Free Wifi to New York City

Headed to New York City? Bring your laptop, because Google is wiring the Big Apple for free.

New York City may be known for high price tags on everything from taxis to water, but the next time you visit Manhatthan, you can mark wifi off that list.

Google announced Tuesday that the internet company installed the infrastructure to outfit the Chelsea District with free wifi. According to CNN, the internet giant will also be providing free wifi to public housing in the area. 

PC World reports that the project will cover from Gansvoort to 19th St, From 8th Ave. to the West Side Highway. Approximately 2,000 public housing residents and over 5,000 students will benefit. Bloomsburg Daily reports that the project cost $115,000 to install and $45,000 to maintain. Google will cover 2/3 of the maintainence costs.

Headquartered in the Chelsea District of New York City, the company felt it was important to give back, said a Google's Chief Information Officer to CNN Tuesday. 

Rich Cranium January 09, 2013 at 06:49 PM
Google save us from the horrors of Xfinity!!!!


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