Economist: Thousands Will be Hired by End of Year

Lehigh Valley jobs will recover to pre-Great Recession levels by end of year, says Kamran Afshar.


Thousands of people will be hired by Lehigh Valley businesses over the next several months, according to Bethlehem economist Kamran Afshar, quoted in this story in The Morning Call.

By the end of the year, the number of jobs in the Lehigh Valley will surpass the levels achieved before the Great Recession hit five years ago, according to the report quoted in the newspaper.

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“We expect that by summer, more companies will be looking for new employees," Afshar said. "By the end of the fall and early winter, we expect to see the local unemployment rate drop significantly."

In a blog posted on Afshar’s Website earlier this month, the economist wrote that the overall index of purchasing and employment has been increasing in the Lehigh Valley since October.

Afshar surveys Lehigh Valley businesses every quarter, taking 700 observations every year.


EMMAUS FOREVER May 22, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Let me know where they are cause I've been looking and have applied to several and i never get a call back. I,m at the end of my rope.


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