Emmaus High School Student wins Poetry Contest

Submission about the death of her grandmother takes first place.


By Sarah Goldy-Brown

I come up the stairs and pull open that red door,
I look around and remember the reunion,
our last time together,
I turn and come into your house,
the last time for awhile.

I find my eyes frantically searching…for you.

You should be sitting in your chair reading a book.
You should be staying up waiting for us.
You should be there

but you aren’t.

I feel you everywhere
but you aren’t there.

I sit down on your chair
and hear noises in the kitchen.
My face lights up as my mind deceives me.
My heart cries when I remember.

Memories inundate me:
the joyous out of tune melodies
and timely expressions of sorrow.

I try to grasp onto reality
but it slips through my fingers
as I sail away in remembrance.


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